Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Interview Tips

Been interviewing for the past 6 months for my company. Based on our experience, this is what management expects from a candidate:

1) Introduction: while doing a self introduction, we are not much concerned about the details that are already present in the resume. You have to establish your desire for the job.

2) Self-Evaluate: Understand your skill set thoroughly before you come for an interview, we really appreciate the answer "I don't know" when asked certain questions. We don't expect you to answer every question that we ask. we want you to be honest in interview.

3) Resume: This is the most important part, prepare your resume in a way that you have a clear idea of each and every word you have put in it. Most of you can be brought down to ground based on what you have entered in your resume. So don't copy paste resume, prepare one for your own using some standard templates.

4) Body Language: We want people who listens clearly and then answers. If interview panel is not clear, kindly ask them to repeat the question. we expect a listeners body language in Interviews. Come in a proper attire for interviews.

5) Communication: We think in our mother tongue and then we search for appropriate translation(English). This is not going to work. Dedicate time for improving your communication.

6) Salary Negotiations: If all the above points are followed religiously then you can quote your price and walk away with your dream salary.

All the Best !!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rules of Negotiations !!!!

heard this from a wise man:

"Basic rule to get best deal: be ready to walk out of the deal any time"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Air Travel Tips

Last year been very busy flying and delivering the ITIL trainings. so got handful experience of flight travels and gathered enough information to write a book"Air travel: what to do and what not to do". Here are few inputs from the same:

1) You dont need to carry printout of the air tickets, all you have to do is give your PNR number at the respective airline ticket counter.

on the contrary to above point, it's enough if u give your name and ID proof alone to get the ticket at the airline counter !

2) Either be the first few who gets the boarding pass or the last few who gets the boarding pass. by this way you'll get your baggage first from the conveyor belt after u alight.

on the contrary to above point, irrespective of boarding first or last, it's your luck which will decide the baggage collection at conveyor belt. This has never worked for me, so i'm sure it'll work for you all.

3) While answering the seat preference question, dont fall in the trap by telling "i want window seat so that i can get the view of the word". Check with them whether the seat is close to exit or not.

on the contrary be sure that you mean the exit from flight and not the "emergency exit", coz, thats just in the middle !!!! u'll end up sandwiched !!!

4) Never try to flirt with air hostess until you are so sure that you have all the cards, coz most of them got bulky boyfriends !!!!!

5) Never get influenced by your co-passanger to buy foods sold in flight....particularly domestic flights...coz, the moment you got down, you run for rest room !!!!

6) Never do any inflight shopping, first they are not cheap, second, they are all crap !!!!! you'll get better deals in platform

7) Never take a windows seat when you are drunk, logical !

8) While taking the flights after 9 PM, go for aisle seat....easily accessible to restroom

9) Never talk to middle aged co-passenger, they always talk as if the flight is not going to land !!!!

10) Never ever never....sit next to a celebrity !!!! even though none notice them, they can still make u sick !!!!!!!

well thats it for now, If you have any doubts on particulars, pls post it as comments....will let u know whatever i know !!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mr.James Pattinson

Mr.Pattinson, thats nothing new, wherever we go, we help debut to get their best figures against us...but thats it...taking our wickets doesnt mean that u r on top right now....this shall pass....for another 5 yrs, this is gonna be ur only memorable moment and you go as a failure from here on !!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy new to all !!!!!! definitely going to be an exciting year with some big ambitions lined up....wish you all great success !!!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Samsung note

Got a samsung note....comments from friends:

"show me your laptop"
"is that a brick ?"
"they rightly call it as note, it'like my school note book "
"do u really bought this phone?"

on top of all, this is the best comment:
"can u make calls from this ????"

PS: I used note for publishing this article !!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ITIL and real life

For the past 1 year i have been delivering ITIL classes across globe. I find striking similarity between ITIL practices and every other aspect of interactions in day to day life. One reason could be that, ITIL is just a set of logical deduction of running IT in an organization, however it's just the means and not the end in itself. If you expand the scope of ITIL concepts little outside IT, the analogical model reveals more astonishing perspective in the flow. So i'm planning to share few similarities between ITIL and "things" outside ITIL in the coming posts.

SACM - Service Asset and Configuration Management.

I always used to tell this to my Students that, the ITIL in any organization starts with the basic understanding of a working SACM/CMS (Configuration Management System). After reading the ITIL concepts again and again, i can say that SACM will be the starting point of implementing ITIL in an organization, atleast the "Planning" part of SACM.

What is SACM? Organization uses "things" to deliver products or services, these "things" have tangible value to it and called as ASSETS. Any Asset, that you want to control, monitor, configure, edit, add, remove will become a CI (Configuration Item). A piece of land, purchased by an organization is an ASSET, and if you need to monitor that land and if it undergoes a change (building has been built for office/car parking, rented out, leased,etc.,) then it's considered as a CI. To make it even more simpler, the desktop purchased by a company is an ASSET, and if the desktop is used by "USER" (employee/employer/supplier) and company needs to monitor the desktop, then it becomes a CI.

All the organization needs this ASSETS/CI to build their products and services. That's why, SACM is the first and foremost thing in implementing ITIL (atleast the "PLAN" stage). In a way, SACM is the backbone of ITIL.

Now the striking analogy with real life came in the form of Indian Auditors Association. I was going through the Auditing parameters and guess what ? the first and foremost audit parameters includes an "ASSET REGISTRY" to be maintained and should be audited atleast annually !!!!

ITIL is just logical deductions !!!!!!!!!